Are You Tired of Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster? Be ready to Recognize and reset the wear and tear of Anxious Feelings as you know them (Don’t be shy to admit it, Anxiety is Challenging!)


In my practice I have seen many people come to tears because they feel their brain foggy and glitchy, their constant worry and their lack of focus were driving them C.R.A.Z.Y! 
I started seeing and interviewing people and noticed that their dynamics, support systems at home/work and false beliefs needed to be reset to have a successful and organized life; when I started noticing this pattern I had an epiphany, it was time for me to start GUIDING people to become better at what they do: FEEL HAPPILY INSPIRED

"Hi there, My name is Monica,
I work with people with anxious feelings, loneliness, unable to sleep, overwhelmed and stressed because their negative feelings don’t seem to go away and even get worst over time. "

The Club is housed in a completely PRIVATE Facebook community where every month you can expect:

- An Amazing Supporting Community: It’s well known that the benefits of a support group are amazingly comforting, especially for the opportunity to offer and receive emotional and moral support among the members. We will have the opportunity to share practical advice and tips to help each other to cope with our personal life, feeling less lonely, isolated or judged, making it a total positive and vibrant group!

- One Monthly Facebook Live and Q&A: I will invite one member of our club to share their emotional experiences. The dates will be announced in advance and you will have the opportunity to ask questions whether you are live or not (you can re-visit the videos at any time) 

- The Happily Inspired Workbook: I will be giving you a monthly workbook with exercises, practical information and tips to ease your anxious feelings naturally, balance your life  and stop your emotional roller coaster

- Natural Oils Knowledge Base: Since I have been using organic oils in my practice with great success in different areas of emotional management I will be sharing my experiences and educating you about the different uses of oils and applications


So how much is this amazing monthly offer going to cost you? 

Doors Are Currently Closed , Click the button below to join the waitlist at the founding member rate of $27/month

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*My goal is to guide as many people like you to improve their lives, because I know how draining it is to live the wear and tear of coping with unmanageable emotions at home and social life on top of a stressful work-life.