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When it comes to healthy habits, we can do all in our power to take care of ourselves and change our own behavior as adults. But what impact on our kids are we having each day?  What habits are we teaching the next generation both through intentional and unintentional examples?



In this podcast episode, Kristy Jo is joined by Hypnotherapist Monica Obando to explore the impacts of parents on their children when it comes to healthy habits and behaviors.



Today’s guest is Monica Obando - a successful Hypnotherapist and Healthy Living Coach of over 3 years.  She helps people successfully live a better life and teaches them how to manage emotions and raise self-esteem. With her unique perspective she helps people find solutions to mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental needs for our present world.   Listen in as we discuss her journey of starting two different side hustles but after burnout realizing which one was truly going to last. We dig in to focus, fear of not knowing enough, how becoming a professional student holds you back, being proficient, and finding your passion. 

Episode #16: – "Finding your passion" with Monica Obando