Pain is an experience that can be influenced by physical, psychological and environmental factors in your life and is a very individual experience (only you can feel it, only you can describe it)
There are different types of pain: acute, sub-acute, recurrent, or chronic.
When you don’t treat or under-treat your pain it can become chronic.
Untreated or under-treated chronic pain overtime can become a disease in its own and that is why you need to treat it soon.
Your attitudes, beliefs and personality can strongly affect your pain experience.

Below I’ll explain the different types of pain for you to relate and see what your pain stage is:

Acute pain: is pain that lasts for a short time, it acts as a warning to the body to seek help.

Sub-acute pain: is pain that is progressing towards chronic pain, but this progression may be prevented when you treat it.

Recurrent pain: is pain that occurs on a cyclical basis.

Chronic pain: is pain that lasts beyond the time expected for healing following surgery or trauma or other condition. It is often associated with an increased pain experience, not just in the area of injury, but also in surrounding tissue or nerves. It can also exist without a clear reason at all.

Stages of Pain quick reference guide
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With a comprehensive plan, hypno-analgesia can help you decrease acute and chronic conditions while targeting different aspects of your pain experience; in our sessions I integrate different hypnotherapy techniques providing you with the most effective and enduring relief for your pain!


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