The Journey

A 4- Session COURSE


If you’re feeling stuck, hopeless, frustrated, or powerless and think you don’t know what to do about problems pertaining to money, relationships and health I invite you to take The Journey a 4-Session expedition to discover the brave problem solver in you!

Here’s how it works . . . in The Journey, I am going to show you how to:
-   Find your purpose in life so you can start building a life that you truly love
-   Create clear objectives to make your dreams come true
-   Love yourself to unfold the great potentiality within you

Session One
Self-Esteem and the Critical Thinker

  • Develop Confidence to Build your Self-Esteem
  • Build your self-worth and materialize your happiness
  • Freely Express your emotions

Session Two
Love and Fear

  • Define Love and Fear and discover our fears.
  • Remove your fears and Uncover the beauty and peace of your inner self to awaken your state of wholeness
  • Communicate better with the loves of your life and everyone around you

Session Three
Forgiveness & Wellbeing

  • Re-Discover your Inner child
  • Recognize emotional problems and stop punishing yourself
  • Remove unhealthy habits from your life that are preventing you from living fully

Session 4
Prosperity & Success

  • Develop a gratitude thinking and attitude to bring abundance to your life
  • Remove scarcity thinking from your life and Open to the flow of abundance, creativity, joy, compassion, and Universal love.
  • Become aware of the beliefs systems you created that maybe blocking the flow of money in your life

What to Bring

Choose proper gear for your workout and the session in general; since temperatures are dropping if it is too cold, you may consider wearing a sweater, and gloves

Dress in easy to remove layers. When you begin your workout, you will feel warmer and it should be easy for you to remove your clothes as the heat increases.

Bring your yoga mat and towel



We are located in a beautiful 3 acres farm at

7511 Quail Hollow Blvd, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Thursday November 5-12-19

Thursday December 3

From 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. outdoor event

The Journey