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What is Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnotherapy combines therapeutic techniques and natural expanded state of mind for personal and spiritual growth. Hypnosis or trance has been used throughout the ages to safely and gently access the subconscious and its divine wisdom. Hypnotherapy holistically integrates body, mind and spirit into a force for healing and transformation.

When hypnotized, the lines of communication are open to your subconscious mind so I can direct positive changes in your life. Most people find the state of hypnosis to be extremely pleasant as it involves profound levels of relaxation to both body and mind.

Using Hypnosis for positive programming mental exploration or simple relaxation is perfectly safe and can benefit everyone, is like having a spiritual spa!


With hypnotherapy the only limit is your imagination! Given its potential to change your whole life in only few sessions is definitely worth the investment

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All the best,
Monica Obando