I help you reach your full potential

Healthy Living Coach is a powerful conversation between me (the trained coach) and you (the client) who is ready and willing to focus on personal and professional growth, I am in essence a guide along the path of life for those to wish to travel new roads. During the sessions, I will ask powerful questions to help you really examine your live through a new set of eyes and prospective.

Reaching goals through the coaching sessions is a process. I will help you to focus into the future. At the end of the process, you should be able to clearly identify your goals and develop the tools and resources that are needed to achieve them.

During every session I will encourage you to be yourself, to expand beyond your limitations, and to become stronger, more alive human being. After each session you will achieve better results because you have gotten “bigger.” You have become more of who you are.

Whether you desire to work towards


  • Owning and operating your own business
  • Accelerating your career
  • Finding balance between work and family
  • Or simply looking for a way of identifying what will make you truly happy in your own live


I am the ideal Coach!

It must be noted that I am not going to take you from Point A to Point B; instead, I will help you to learn the mental tools that you will need to reach your destination on your own and to provide encouragement along the way.

That is why coaching is so valuable!


All the best,
Monica Obando