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With The Thriving After The Toxic Mother Program

You Can Unlock the Path to Wealth & Prosperity: Overcome Your Toxic Mother Trauma and Break Free from Money Blocks & Scarcity Mindset in Just 8 Steps! 

Begin your journey of
self-discovery and personal empowerment

Break FREE from the emotional chains that have bound them for years.

Establish meaningful and authentic connections fostering trust, empathy, and open communication

The Thriving After The Toxic Mother Mastermind is for professional women, business owners, and entrepreneurs grappling with money blocks, scarcity mentality, and the lingering effects of toxic motherhood, hindering their performance and limiting their success, I specialize in guiding and empowering them to not only overcome these challenges but also thrive in their personal and professional lives!

Unlock the Path to Wealth & Prosperity:
Overcome Your Toxic Mother Trauma and Break Free from Money Blocks & Scarcity Mindset in Just 8 Steps! 

Discover a guaranteed approach to transforming your life and career, leaving behind the struggles of the past. No matter how many times you've tried and failed, this is your opportunity to succeed:)

If you are a driven professional woman, business owner, or entrepreneur determined to remove your money blocks, which are often rooted in generational trauma and scarcity mindset created by your Toxic Mother Trauma... But you don't know how to do it, and you simply feel stuck despite buying numerous self-help books and constantly looking for help...

I invite you to take the next step toward transformative healing by watching my FREE training now. It's time to rewrite your narrative and embark on a journey of understanding and overcoming the trauma rooted in emotional abandonment and rejection, experienced by wounded adult children from dysfunctional childhood homes.

Join me in this training tailored to guide you through the process of healing, providing insights and strategies to overcome the challenges associated with your past experiences. Let's work together to create a new chapter of resilience, strength, and personal growth. 


Gain a heightened self-awareness to empower yourself in making meaningful changes, allowing for the cultivation of your strengths and reclaiming your personal power.

Gain Emotional Freedom 

Overcoming the toxic mother trauma provides you with a profound sense of emotional liberation. You can release the burden of past wounds, experiencing newfound freedom from the emotional chains that have held you captive, leading to a more positive and empowered emotional state.

Improve Your Mindset

Addressing and overcoming your toxic mother trauma positively impacts mindset It can contribute to reduced your anxiety, depression, and stress levels, fostering a healthier mindset and enhancing your overall psychological well-being.

Enhance Your Interpersonal Relationships

Healing from your toxic mother trauma often results in improved relationships with others. You can establish healthier boundaries, communicate more effectively, and cultivate more meaningful connections, creating a positive ripple effect in your personal and professional spheres.

Self-Discovery and Empowerment 

The journey of overcoming your toxic mother trauma is a path to
self-discovery and personal empowerment. You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, build resilience, and cultivate a stronger sense of self-worth, leading to increased confidence in various aspects of life.

Break from Generational Patterns

Overcoming your toxic mother trauma disrupts the cycle of negative patterns that may have been passed down through generations. Breaking free from these patterns not only benefits you but also contributes to creating healthier family dynamics for your future generations.

Self Awareness
Have a better understanding about yourself so you can feel empowered to make changes which means develop your own strengths and gain your power back.

Identify the cause
 Let's shatter the chains of the past, step into a future of prosperity, and create a legacy of empowerment for yourself and the generations to come 

Learn about a complementary therapy
Through personalized strategies and deep emotional work, I empower you to reclaim your worth, rewrite your story, and embrace abundance.

Balance your emotions
Gain your confidence back in this transformative journey towards financial and emotional liberation,  regain quality time with your family and better sleep at night!

My Proven Method To Help You Overcome Your Toxic Mother Trauma

Step into your power, shatter the chains of generational pain, and pave the way for a legacy of prosperity
and healing for yourself and future generations.

Monica Obando

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher RYT200. 
I help women discover their inner-power to unlock their true potential and live their dream life. After having helped 100's of people heal from their past and helping them become a more confident version of themselves, I have come to believe that Self-Confidence gives you the skills and coping methods to handle setbacks and failure in life. 
Self-confidence is a muscle that requires exercise to be toned, but the good news is that you have the ability to work on it. 

What people have to say

Elizabeth Diaz
Cancer Survivor

 "Monica has revealed my blocks, fear, grief and created a solid plan on paper that addresses all of these issues.  I have a schedule and a plan full of motivation, inspiration and hope.  I’m so grateful for her brilliance, time and guidance.

Kim Hodgskin 

 "My session with Monica is  life changing. The change and the light is so much brighter within myself it is truly an amazing blessing. I had my reservation about trying - and I am so thankful to have that best friend that encouraged the session. I am so excited to feel different! Thank you Monica 

Mary Carolina

 "Not enough good things can be said about Monica  ,if you've never tried Hypnotherapy by someone who really knows what they are doing, you are missing out! Truly changed my thoughts to change my actions and become free from destructive thought patterns.  Life changing experience !" 

Robin Crews
Health Services Administrator 

"The moment Monica begins to speak, the entire room feels uplifted. She has the power in her voice to guide you from anything to getting over trauma of the past to connecting to your higher self. She is a compassionate therapist who comes from a space of non-judgement and love. She truly "meets you where you are" and shows you how to heal yourself.

Aarene Alessi

 "Monica has been a blessing to our family. Her sessions have helped my daughter and I to find peace and balance and gain a better understanding of our emotions. After trying multiple more traditional counseling sessions with my ten year old daughter without progress, Monica has been able to touch her heart and within two weeks.

Heydi Aldana  

 "In 2017, I was having panic attacks and anxiety, I tried everything until one day I talked to Monica and she recommended hypnosis. It was unbelievable it cure my traumas and most importantly I never got panic attacks. I highly recommend her. And I almost missed mentioning her yoga shack classes are unbelievable beautiful you come out of every class like a new person  ! 

Mollyana Ward

 "Monica has a special gift of helping one get to the root cause of the weights that burden ones life. It’s hard to explain how she does this other than if you go to your appointment with an open mind, and let let down your guard and trust the process, you will walk away feeling lighter, on the very first visit." 

Jess Landwer

"Working with Monica has been completely life changing. I did my first session with her a few days ago and I have already progressed so much in my personal healing. What I love about her is she is beyond genuine- she is there to solely for you, to help heal you and guide you to your truth!