Coping with the Guilt and Shame of a Toxic Mother-Daughter Relationship on Mother's Day


Mother's Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the love and dedication of mothers. However, for daughters of toxic mothers, this day can bring up feelings of anxiety and distress. MOTHERS WHO ARE TOXIC MAY USE THIS DAY AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO DEMAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ALL THEIR SACRIFICES, which can exacerbate these negative emotions.

Toxic mothers can have a significant impact on their daughter's emotional health, self-esteem, and overall well-being, making it challenging to navigate the expectations and pressures of Mother's Day.

As I celebrated Easter with my family, I noticed that holidays could bring a sense of anxiety to many people. The simple idea of getting together with family members can bring back both pleasant and not-so-pleasant memories from childhood and teenage years

I never thought about the weight of the sentence 'THE PRESSURE OF MOTHER’S DAY' for daughters of toxic mothers.

And yes, this is a reality for many more women than we want to believe. Daughters of toxic mothers may feel pressured to celebrate Mother's Day, despite the complicated relationship they have with their mother. This expectation can create feelings of dread and anxiety as they may feel guilty for not wanting to celebrate or fear the potential confrontation that could arise from refusing to participate.

The guilt and shame that often come with a toxic mother-daughter relationship can be particularly intense on Mother's Day.

Daughters may feel guilty for not having a positive relationship with their mother, or ashamed that they cannot fulfill societal expectations of celebrating their mother on this day. As toxic mothers may remind their daughters, 'how can you be that kind of daughter (right?) You always need to be grateful for all your mother's sacrifices for you!

However, I am here to remind you that your responsibility is with yourself first!

It is essential for daughters of toxic mothers to prioritize their emotional health and well-being on Mother's Day and it's time to create a roadmap to navigate the celebration of Mother's Day, and here are two steps to begin:

  1. Setting Boundaries: You can set boundaries with your mother to protect yourself from emotional harm. This could include declining invitations to family gatherings or limiting communication on Mother's Day and that’s ok!
  2. Find a place to celebrate your independence if you wish, walk on the beach, go to a park or celebrate with your own kids based on love and happiness.
  3. Finding Support from Others: You can reach out to friends or family members who can understand your situation and can provide you the emotional support you need at the moment, but whether you are a mother or not IF YOU FEEL GUILTY AND ANXIOUS ABOUT MOTHER’S DAY THEN WE NEED TO TALK!

Perhaps you have been in therapy since forever because you can’t exactly find the reason why you feel the way you feel around your mother (and still feeling the same), you own countless self-help books that make you feel a sense of comfort when you buy them and see them on your shelf but at the end of the day it’s just another book on your shelf and more heaviness on your chest without resolution…

Prioritizing your self-care is important specially around celebrations and doing that is almost impossible for many daughters of toxic mothers without the proper help and support.

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Many thanks Monica xx

“The many faces of an unloving mother can shape the way you go through life — but that shouldn’t define you.”

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