Discovering the Unthinkable: A Mother's Secret Hatred

The realization hit her hard, like a ton of bricks. She couldn't believe that her own flesh and blood could harbor such deep-seated hatred towards her

"Discovering the Unthinkable: A Mother's Secret Hatred"

As a little girl Anna [I changed her name to protect her privacy], had always known that her relationship with her mother was strained. She never knew why her mother was always so distant and cold towards her, but she had learned to accept it as a part of her life. It wasn't until she was in her early 30s that she discovered the shocking truth - her own mother had despised her since she was a baby.

The realization hit her hard, like a ton of bricks. She couldn't believe that her own flesh and blood could harbor such deep-seated hatred towards her, without any apparent reason. She spent hours, days, weeks trying to make sense of it all, but she came up empty.

It wasn't just the fact that her mother didn't love her that hurt her. It was the knowledge that she had spent her entire life trying to please someone who would never be pleased. She had always tried to be the perfect daughter, hoping that one day her mother would show her some affection, but now she knew that it was all for nothing.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized how much this discovery had affected her life. She had wasted so much time and energy trying to figure out the missing piece in her life to the point that she was angry with herself. She had always felt like something was missing in her life, and now she knew what it was. She had been looking for love and approval in all the wrong places, hoping that her mother would one day give her the validation she craved.

She turned to self-help books, traditional therapy, friends, and support groups, and found some comfort, but not the deep level of emotional healing she was looking for. She felt she was spending so much time and money going in circles, and that's when our paths crossed. Anna was referred to me by a client of mine, and she was apprehensive at the beginning of our first meeting because she had done so much without success that she couldn't believe the results she was soon to achieve were even possible.

After joining The Thriving After Toxic Mother Trauma Mastermind, during our hypnotherapy sessions, she explored her deepest feelings of pain and sadness created by her mother and realized how every experience, little or big, affected her adult life. She realized that the lack of money, the attraction of wrong love relationships, and the reluctance to become a mother were all consequences of the lack of love from her own mother.

The self-exploration journey wasn't an easy one for her, but it was necessary to find the inner peace and understanding about her own life. She finally encountered the freedom she was looking for without even knowing she was trapped.

Now, she knows how to love herself, and how to find validation from within. It was a hard lesson to learn, but one that she knew was necessary. She couldn't change her mother's feelings towards her, but she could change the way she felt about it, she gained the power that was long lost and felt so good about it!

In the end, she emerged stronger and more resilient than ever before. She knew that she didn't need anyone's approval to be happy, and that the only validation she needed was her own. She learned the lesson and she is one her path to finally live a fulfilling life.

Every attendee of The Thriving After Toxic Mother Trauma Mastermind brings a unique upbringing, and everyone's story is different. However, one point they have in common at the end of the program is that they feel they have been reborn and now have the tools to start thriving in life!

The results are incredible as the women who thought they didn't want to be mothers are now ready to be, and the ones whose scarcity was the center of their lives are now gravitating towards and attracting a lot of prosperity and healthy relationships!

If you are interested in making 2023 YOUR YEAR to turn your pain into POWER, if you want to truly transform your life in the next 8 weeks and if you want to join the Thrive After Toxic Mother Trauma Mastermind with me then let’s meet on zoom

This is what I need to know to determine if it’s a good fit, so feel free to include this info in your initial message to me:

1. Whether you are a female Health and Wellness professional and what area of work do you practice in?

2. Whether you consider yourself to be a real action taker How long have you been practicing?

3. Your current and desired goals How you think this Mastermind program is going to help you.

If you are not sure whether this is for you or not, I would encourage you to send me a DM (on messenger) or let’s drink some tea together while we talk here

Only around one in three people I speak with are a good fit for my 1:1 or for this Mastermind and that can be for many reasons, so don’t worry too much if this is not a fit for you.

For some people I tell them what they need to do to get themselves into a position to work with me so it's really worth us just having a conversation…

For others e.g. where there are current violence or abuse or substance misuse issues for example, then my mastermind is less likely to be a fit depending on the individual circumstances and the situation.

I look forward to learning all about you and your business…

Many thanks Monica xx

“The many faces of an unloving mother can shape the way you go through life — but that shouldn’t define you.”

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