🌟It’s a miracle, I survived!! [Untold story]

Sometimes we feel like real survivors of our own dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships…


It’s a miracle, I survived!! [Untold story]

Sometimes we feel like real survivors of our own dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships…
As women, our relationship with our mothers is one of the most significant and influential relationships we have. From childhood to adulthood, our mothers shape us in countless ways, and their influence can extend well into our own motherhood experiences.

However, not all mother-daughter relationships are healthy or positive. Some are strained or even dysfunctional, leaving us feeling lost, hurt, and unsure of how to move forward. If you're experiencing tension with your mother right now, it's essential to remember that you're not alone. Dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships (sadly) are a relatively common experience for many women.

A dysfunctional relationship is one that is marked by conflict, tension, and an inability to effectively communicate or resolve issues. In the context of a mother-daughter relationship, dysfunction can take many forms. For example, a mother may be critical, controlling, or dismissive of her daughter's feelings or experiences. Alternatively, a daughter may struggle with unresolved resentment or anger towards her mother, leading to strained interactions and difficulty in forming a close bond.

There are many reasons why mother-daughter relationships can become strained or dysfunctional and some of the most common reasons include:

• Unresolved childhood trauma or conflict
• Differences in personality or values
• Overbearing or controlling behavior by either party
• Parental favoritism or sibling rivalry
• Negative experiences during major life transitions, such as divorce, illness, or loss of a loved one

Whatever the reason for the dysfunction, the effects of a strained mother-daughter relationship can be far-reaching and damaging. For example, daughters may struggle with low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, or difficulty forming close relationships with others. Mothers may experience guilt, sadness, or a sense of helplessness in trying to repair the relationship. Ultimately, the negative effects of a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship can impact both parties and extend to other areas of their lives.

Lola a Life Coach and member of The Thriving After Toxic Mother Trauma Mastermind (I changed her name to protect her privacy), had always struggled with her relationship with her mother. They had always been close, but as Lola grew up and began to form her own opinions and make her own decisions, their relationship became strained.

Lola's mother was a strong-willed woman who had a clear vision of what she thought was best for her daughter and she saw her professionally becoming a doctor. Lola, on the other hand, was a fiercely independent woman who didn't always agree with her mother's opinions and decided to become a Life Coach.

Their disagreements often turned into arguments, and Lola found herself avoiding her mother's calls and texts. It seemed like their relationship was on the brink of collapse interfering with her day to day activities and performance with her clients; as a consequence Lola’s income was decreasing abysmally as she couldn’t let go of her toxic thoughts & feelings towards her mother and was unconsciously projecting them onto her clients.
When we started working together, she began to see her own relationship with her mother in a new light as hypnotherapy was allowing her to go back to her early childhood where she found episodes that created deep pain and trauma without even realizing.

After working together and healing her deep seated emotional pain she was able to rebuild trust and improve communication with her mother having the opportunity to have frank conversations about their feelings and past disagreements. They started learning to listen to each other's perspectives and to find common ground.
It wasn't always easy, and there were still moments of tension between them. But as Lola and her mother worked through their issues, they were able to create boundaries of respect and understanding to each other.

Lola’s experience was very powerful because now she is experiencing a substantial increase in her income as she is vibrating harmoniously attracting the right clients to her Coaching Practice!
There are some many stories of survival, but all of them with beautiful and unique outcomes as they join the Thriving After Toxic Mother Trauma Mastermind, all the amazing professionals are generating a ripple effect of prosperity to their clients, because they learn through the process that as they heal they help others do the same…

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