Loneliness, Anxiety and Bullying
Did a smile ever infect your soul so much that it made you smile right through your tears? Well, meet Jenny. On the surface, she shines like a diamond. To listen to her makes your heart do flip-flops from the excitement she expresses. It was not always like this. Her story maybe familiar to you. During this interview she will talk about what is loneliness, how to recognize loneliness and the root causes of loneliness.
ANXIETY AFFECTING SLEEP How to Hack Your Night & Wake Up Rested
Every night you try to fall asleep and you can't because worries and negative thoughts invade you?
How can I sleep better?
If you are constantly tired or have trouble falling asleep and wake up regularly, it might be time to practice better sleep habits...
KM Rosenberg will be talking about how her daughter got diagnosed with MCAS and how Hypnotherapy helped her gain control of her life.
La hipnoterapia es una herramienta a la que muchos recurren para sanar dolores emocionales. Mónica Obando, experta en el tema, explica en qué consiste esta técnica.
Hypnotherapy for depression involves the use of powerful ideas and suggestions to create a life-altering positive change in individuals; hypnosis for anxiety works as a catalyst for bringing positive changes in your life. Individuals with negative emotional issues can greatly benefit from hypnosis therapy.
Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you uncover your negative emotions and release them allowing you to live a happier and healthier life. Hypnotherapy is such a healing experience that people are more intrigued about it, opening their life to new possibilities! Hypnosis therapy can be done online from the comfort of your own home, schedule your appointment today at www.monicaobando.com
Words are very powerful tool when it comes to hypnosis. The words used by a hypnotherapist are not just any old words, they are called power words. You use these words on a daily basis when you don't even realize it. However, they are used in a certain context during hypnotherapy to really makes an impact on the person receiving the hypnotherapy session. Did you know that words have a magical power? If someone told you to imagine yourself biting into a lemon and you did not have a lemon in your...
Aging, let’s face it - it’s going to happen to all of us whether we want it to or not. Often times we see people getting sick as they get older and expect it to happen as a normal course of aging, but is it really? When looking at the metaphysics of healing it is believed that sickness actually comes from the mind rather than the body. This is related to the idea of environmental toxins and other external influences on our body. It is a fact that our bodies do age which is apparent simply...