How can I sleep better?

If you are constantly tired or have trouble falling asleep and wake up regularly, it might be time to practice better sleep habits.

It is important that you make sure you get enough sleep each night, some people need 8 hours of sleep, other people more or less since there is no set time because each person and their lifestyle are different.

If you are wondering how you can sleep better, then I will give you three tips for a better rest

1. Set a schedule

Go to sleep and get up at approximately the same time every day, so your body will get used to a constant rhythm and you will generate a healthy sleep habit.

2. Sleep in a completely dark room

Make sure all the lights are off while you sleep and avoid having electronics in your bedroom at night as light suppresses sleep hormones and keeps you awake. If you cannot block the light in your room, consider wearing an eye mask that helps you completely block the light while you rest.

3. Don't use alcohol to sleep

Avoid using alcohol since although it can help you sleep, it alters the quality of sleep and rest and do not consume heavy meals or caffeine before going to bed as this will affect your rest significantly.


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In conclusion, sleeping well will not only improve your quality of life but your health in general. Make sure you exercise, eat well, and apply the advice I gave you and you will surely have a more restful sleep.



Between 0 and 7 years old, your mind is constantly learning from your environment through the observation of your parents, family, friends, teachers, etc. It is essentially an information overload about life through your own interpretation: your perception of each experience generates your reality, and this perception remains with you for life; and yet it is formed when you have little or no context about most things.

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