Anxiety Quotes

Let yesterday be yesterday, and start a new beautiful day today full of love ❤️ light and happiness 

Sometimes we want everything NOW, forgetting that everything in life requires an incubation period, and we suffer because of it... be patient, if is part of your journey it will come to you🌸

The pursuit of happiness is the ultimate goal for all of us... but sometimes we waste our precious time and energy looking outside what we know within... sometimes we even cross to the other side without knowing the meaning of happiness😞... is time to 🛑stop for a moment, breathe, look around you, feel the ones around you, be grateful for everything big or small in your life and watch the spark ⚡️ of happiness coming to life 💖 

When you make others happy, you make yourself happy! keep doing good and more good will come to your life. 🌸

We have the tendency to keep thinking about yesterday and tomorrow forgetting to leave space to live our present... we are ruining our today, we are wasting our now thinking that we are eternal beings.... find a place, unplug from electronics, close your eyes and connect with will be amazed and grateful to discover what you have been missing for so long💖

Resetting yourself to remove the negative self-programming is the ideal way to begin a new life full of joy and happiness... you need to purge your mind as you purge your physical body (at least twice a year...yes)... actually that’s the way I became hypnotherapist, I needed to mentally and emotionally purge myself to find my true purpose in life...and oh boy! the ride I have rode is something I wouldn’t change for anything in life! I discovered my true self, my true love and I’m so happy to be doing what I do, “I’m helping others to reset and find their true self and purpose ”