How to Overcome Social Anxiety in a School Setting?

There are so many kids out there who are suffering from social anxiety disorder and most of their parents aren’t aware of this. In fact, there are parents who don’t even know what social anxiety disorder is and how their kids are dealing with it. For those who don’t know, social anxiety disorder is also referred to as social phobia that is the mere fear of interacting with people and making friends. In this condition, a child tries to avoid social situations and he fears interacting with new people just because he thinks that he will be judged and sometimes even scrutinized by others. 


One thing is for sure that a child with social anxiety has a lot of problems when it comes to making friends. These children experience intense feelings. For example, they fear reading out loud in front of everyone, they fear being in front of a group of people, they fear taking part in sports just because they think they will be embarrassed somehow or people will make comments. Long story short, the sooner you can treat social anxiety disorder of your child, the better it will be and there will be lesser consequences because it is a tried and tested fact that social anxiety can literally destroy one’s life in terms of academic performance and activities like sports, etc. It can even ruin their relationships! 

4 Natural Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety


Tip #1 Try Relaxation Strategies:

If your child’s social anxiety disorder gets triggered easily then you need to teach her/him some relaxation techniques. If your brain is relaxed, it will send out positive signals and your actions will ultimately become positive. However, if your brain is under stress and if you are too anxious, then it is very obvious that your actions will also be quite defensive/aggressive and you won’t be able to connect with the people around. As far as the relaxation strategies are concerned, you can try teaching your child how to follow a “deep breathing” strategy. This is the best way to calm your heart rate and bring your brain to a relaxed mode. The other strategy you can try, is taking your child to an imaginary adventure. It’s like asking your little one to imagine her/his “happy” place so that your child's brain can start sending out positive and happy signals. With your support and understanding you are going to help your kid to relax so that she/he can cope with the anxiety issues. 


Tip #2 Practice Cognitive Reframing 

Try to teach your child cognitive reframing. When someone is suffering from social anxiety, all she/he can think about is negative stuff. For example, they start imagining the worst possible scenarios, they start thinking that others see them in a negative way and they even overreact to things and situations. Now as a parent, you need to teach your child how to replace these negative thoughts with the positive ones. Just tell them to imagine good stuff out of the bad scenarios. It’s a skill to extract positivity out of negative thoughts and that’s exactly what your child needs at the moment. 


Tip #3 Making New Friends 

It is very obvious that you cannot make friends for your child yourself, but you can teach your child to come up with ways that can make the “friendship” part easy. For example, you can role play and practice skills like greetings, conversation starting points and you can even ask your child to become a good listener if she/he can’t just start a conversation. 


Tip #4 Try Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis

Hypnosis therapy help your child  go to the root cause of the social anxiety problem and transform it into a positive outcome raising her/his self-esteem and helping her/him become stronger and confident.

These are some of the tips that can come in handy to you if you want to treat your child’s social anxiety disorder. So, use these tips and I can assure you that you will see some improvement in your kid. 


 "If your brain is relaxed, it will send out positive signals and your actions will ultimately become positive"

How Hypnosis Helped Me with School Social Anxiety?


I went through the most difficult phase of my life when my mother passed away. It was like the darkest period of my life and I just didn’t know what to do. Everything seemed so disappointing and within no time I found myself suffering through social phobia. I was in that state of deep depression that I started avoiding people. I lost all the confidence I had to talk to people and make friends. It was like each day my situation was getting worse. No medicine and no relaxants were helping me and there were side effects associated with every solution I tried to opt. But my life changed when someone introduced me to this therapy called “Hypnotherapy” which is also referred to as “Hypnosis Therapy”. 

Through Hypnotherapy I was able to accept my mom’s passing, and completely recover my self-esteem and confidence. After few sessions I was able to move forward and now I can say Social Anxiety is something from the past!


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Hypnotherapy can do wonders if you are suffering from social anxiety. Drugs and medications have some sort of a side effect, but that’s not the case with hypnosis and if your child really needs help then be there for her/him and help him fight this crippling disorder with hypnotherapy. The results are outstanding!