Anxiety Relief Quotes

Be yourself, you have within everything you need to succeed in life, maybe you need a little guidance to find your spark again, that’s ok... it happens, don’t delay anymore and be ready to shine!


We are the ones in charge of our own destiny, if we decide happiness we are going to start manifesting happiness in every area of our lives... why not? After all, we deserve the best!!💖 


You are unique and powerful, let go of the need to compare to others... everyone came to this world with unique gifts to fulfill their destiny, even you! Have you found yours? 


Only self-love will give you the confidence you need to be free from your shadows and demons, chose wisely and you’ll be as happier as you never imagined in your life!❤️


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Conditional love ❤️ is a trap... when you realize that you love someone but that experience is a toxic loop... is time to move on... you are far away from true love... love is the beauty, peace, respect, happiness that feeds your own soul, that makes you feel happy, complete and unique... if you haven’t found it, look your reflection in the mirror and see the unconditional love you have been searching for... you have had it all the time... your true love is your own self🌸

“ I woke up” what a powerful statement, I’m very fortunate and grateful to say it this morning... be grateful for everything that happens in your life, see the good in the bad because everything happens to teach us a lesson and I’m very grateful for that...