Do you suffer from social anxiety? I am going to tell you three things to do to let go of your social anxiety!

Are people around you, making fun of you because you suffer of social anxiety and is affecting you to the point that you can’t go out?

What is social anxiety?

The defining feature of social anxiety disorder, is intense anxiety or fear of being judged, negatively evaluated, or rejected in a social or performance situation.

Your hands feel sweaty and you are fearful in social situations?


Here are three tips to help you let go your social anxiety naturally:

1. Write about your fears: buy a journal and start bringing awareness to the situations that make you fearful and why, that will prepare you for the next time it will happen, so you can control it better.


2. Stop trying to be perfect: Since your fear is to be judged in every situation, know that you are flawless just the way you are. Since you wrote about your fears in tip number one, now you need to change your perception of you and understand that you are simply being you and the world needs you!


3. Face your fears: Since you created an inventory of your fears, is time to start facing them one by one (don’t overwhelm yourself). Here is a little exercise In a public place ask someone for information and notice their reaction… positive or negative reaction, don’t take it personal, remember that they have their own story and is not about you, is about them.


Is the moment to uncover your true self! And Most importantly, remember that however isolated you might feel you are far from alone – social anxiety is the most common type of anxiety. And if you practice the tips I gave you, you will be improving in no time :)

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