Hypnotherapy, my life saver!

I had to ask my daughter Anastasia first if I could share her story because we met a lady called Monica Obando and she saved our lives. That’s how my Mum describes it.

My daughter has always been sick. As the years have gone by we spent more time in hospital than out. To make this brief she finally got diagnosed with MCAS. A mast cell disorder where your cells attack your body from producing too much histamine. Leading Anastasia to have anaphylactic shocks all the time, GI issues, brain fog to name a few. We went to National Jewish Hospital in Denver and she was treated there for two weeks last December. They introduced Hypnotherapy into her treatment and she loved it. So when we came home we sought out a hypnotherapist. We had to find the right one and I knew from the moment Monica started asking me all these questions and calling the hospital to talk with her doctors that we had made the right choice.

"My daughter has always been sick. As the years have gone by we spent more time in hospital than out."

After two months you would not know Anastasia is sick anymore. She really is not. Off all her medications. Monica has given my daughter her life back, control of her life. Happiness, strength and the ability to be a regular 14 year old girl. Anastasia can control her cells when they want to misbehave. When she has hives everywhere she’s like nope nothing else will happen and it does not. She has always had major IBS from MCAS and today she has no issues. Last year alone she was hospitalized twice for GI being so bad. That’s a distant memory now. Anastasia only needs to see her one more time as she is healed. The beauty of what Monica has done is others have seen the change and have gone to Monica for healing and she is now treating three others that we know and they are all finding the same amazing way Through their pain and are no longer suffering in their own personal battles. Thank you Monica for choosing this path and helping others. I know longer have to cry myself to sleep at night because you have given my baby her life back.

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About the Author:

KM Rosenberg is the designer and co-owner of Pink Lift

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