Hypnotic Power Words

Words are very powerful tool when it comes to hypnosis.  The words used by a hypnotherapist are not just any old words, they are called power words. You use these words on a daily basis when you don't even realize it.  However, they are used in a certain context during hypnotherapy to really makes an impact on the person receiving the hypnotherapy session. Did you know that words have a magical power?  If someone told you to imagine yourself biting into a lemon and you did not have a lemon in your hand you would still be able to do it. You would be able to smell with the lemon, feel the juiciness of the lemon as if you were biting into it and taste the bitter citrus taste. Words are able to bring a person to a place in their mind to distract them and stimulate their imagination painting the picture and activating their senses to create an association. These words are able to bring a person to a place of being where they can feel at peace.

This list of power words taken from http://hypnosistrainingacademy.com/ is a great resource of power words and how they are used in hypnotherapy. 
The Big 5 Hypnotic Power Words

1. Because
Example: “You’re listening to me, you can relax, and because you’re relaxing, you can feel comfortable because comfort builds more relaxation, so you can relax even more comfortably and because you’re relaxing right now, you can feel more comfort developing inside you.”
2. And
Example: “You can relax and feel comfortable, and the comfort you feel will make you relax even more, and the more you feel the comfort, the more you’ll relax. And as you relax, you’ll feel more comfortable. As you feel more comfortable, you’ll relax more and more. Relaxing more and feeling comfort is important for relaxation, so as you relax and feel comfort and relax even more and feel even more comfort.”
3. As
Example: “As you listen to my voice, you can start to focus your attention inside. As your attention focuses inward, so your unconscious mind begins to take you into trance. As you breathe in and out, you will notice an ever deepening comfort starting to develop.”
4. Imagine
Example: “Can you imagine going into trance? Imagine yourself drifting on a calm and beautiful river. Picture your muscles becoming loose and limp. See yourself feeling completely relaxed. Then imagine enjoying the most exquisite trance experience.”
5. Which Means
Example: “You have been studying these language patterns for some time now, which means that you are learning something of tremendous value. The fact that you are reading this right now means that you are learning at the unconscious level….”
When the hypnotherapist uses words like these you are able to feel more relaxed and the power words are able to work. Each of these words serves its own purpose but when the words are combined and used on a client they have the power to put a person at ease and in the state of mind that they are able to transform their thoughts feelings and emotions.