Hypnotherapy: it's for more than you think

Often time I have people approach me and ask about hypnotherapy and the first thing they think of is help quitting smoking or weight loss.  The truth is Yes; hypnotherapy is very effective for those two issues however it also can help treat a number of others issues a client may have.  Some other issues that hypnotherapy can help with are stress management, PTSD, migraines, athletic performance and so much more.  Wondering how it can help you with some of these issues...read on.  



Depression: Hypnotherapy can get to the root of the issue and help with the underlying, long-term issues that are causing the depression to begin with.

Stress: You can learn to control your stress in a wide variety of situations.  Your therapist can help you mentally go somewhere else when you are stressed and alter your normal reaction in a positive way. 

PTSD: Some parts of the client may be lost due to the effects of PTSD.  Symptom severity can be reduced as well as different ways to deal with their anxiety can be learned.

Cancer: Patients with cancer are choosing hypnotherapy to help balance their mind, body, and spirit as part of their care plan. 

Migraines: Migraines can be TERRIBLE to deal with and can be a real disruption to a someone’s life.  They are caused from both emotional and mental issues that can be managed through hypnotherapy to help reduce their occurrence and severity.

Grief: After a loss of a loved one or pet hypnotherapy is a great way to help learn how to use the emotions felt and deal when they come up. 

Improved Relationships: Every couple goes through issues in their relationship, it just is a matter of how they each react to the issues at hand that will make or break the couple.  Hypnotherapy can help each party learn to deal with the issues in a relationship and often help save their marriage/relationship.

Addiction: Addiction can be to a number of things aside from the normal drug addiction we all think about.  By getting to the root of the issue and the cause of the addiction those unhealthy behaviors and cravings can be better managed.  


As I mentioned above a lot of people are in the frame of mind that hypnotherapy is only for weight loss or to help someone stop smoking and you can tell from the other situations I just mentioned that those are not the only benefits.