Anti-aging thru hypnotherapy

Aging, let’s face it - it’s going to happen to all of us whether we want it to or not.  Often times we see people getting sick as they get older and expect it to happen as a normal course of aging, but is it really? When looking at the metaphysics of healing it is believed that sickness actually comes from the mind rather than the body.  This is related to the idea of environmental toxins and other external influences on our body. 


It is a fact that our bodies do age which is apparent simply by observing the difference in the appearance of people as they get older.  However, it is believed that these changes are highly influenced by our internal beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors driven by those emotions.  There is a difference in aging and the actual deterioration of the body as we get older are vastly different and a way to look at how we go through the stages of life.  An example would be someone who has always chosen love and peace vs. someone who lives a negative and resentful life.  Scientists have been able to look into the cells of the bodies of both of these types of people and seen the effects that these thoughts have on the human body.  Scientists have also seen the horrible effects of the negative thoughts and the impact they have on the cells of the human body as well.


Hypnotherapy sessions reach the limitless supply of inner peace, joy and love and in turn clear out emotional blocks that allow the person to shine from within.  When we get past those mental blocks we are no longer victims of the environment around us.  We become empowered to change our thoughts and ease the aging process internally resulting in positive and illuminated cells.


Imagine your body of illuminated cells fueled by thoughts of love, joy, peace, purpose and passion – if this sounds like a great anti-aging method to you feel free to contact my office at (813) 333-2120 or visit to book your session now.