Change Your Attitude and Get it DONE

We all have to do things that we just don’t want to do! I myself have been in this dilemma several times and have had to make the most out of the situation and create a space where I am comfortable to get the daunting task done whether it was exercising, cleaning out the car, tackling the kids room mess or something just as unpleasant.  Even though the reward may be to lose weight and get in shape, a clean car, or an organized room it is still hard to just DO IT!  After reading several articles online…. Probably procrastinating what I should have been doing I came up with 5 tips to make the daunting tasks more tolerable and just get them done.

1. Set aside 10-15 minutes

 If I could spend just as little as 10-15 minutes and remind myself that when the time is up I am done it seems more manageable.  This task has to be non-negotiable and get done no matter what.  Face it, it’s ONLY 10 minutes. Your goal is not the end result at this point the goal is to simply START and stay consistent.  The reward will come, I promise.  

 2. Add Music

When you add music or a podcast playing in the background you will be amazed at how quickly the time will pass.  Setup a playlist and let it go.  Before you know it your 10-15 minutes will be up and the task will be complete.  You can also add some fun by moving a certain way (if exercising go from brisk walk to jog) during the chorus to make it a little more fun and add some variety.  

3. Separate Your Sadness

If you’re feeling a little upset about something going on in your life don’t think about it during this time.  Keeping your mind busy may be just what you need.  The simple task at hand will give you ambition and something to concentrate on and who knows you may get lost in the moment and more that the original allotted time may pass.   If it is hard to kick the funk of a mood you are in try reminding yourself how much better you will feel after it is complete.  

4. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

This may be a great time to get to the bottom of what is really bothering you.  Use this 10-15 min as an opportunity for some self discovery and try and see things from a different perspective  or remind yourself that your self doubt really is just that.  Never let anyone else’s opinion of you or your choices become the actual script by which you live your life.  Tell yourself  “I am worth it. I can set my mind to anything. If I take care of myself, I will find the solutions and conquer my problems.”

5. Make it a Social Event

There is no greater time than time spent with friends and family.  Use this as an opportunity to spend some quality time while knocking out that daunting task that has been haunting you.   Get the kids involved, turn it into a game! If you have several kids you could get 3-4x the work done in the short amount of time you set aside.

There are several other ways to do what needs to get done and make it somewhat enjoyable even when you have been dreading it however these are my five favorite.  How do you tackle the unpleasant tasks mentioned above or others?