Why I love Himalayan Salt Lamps

Being a fan of Himalayan salt lamps myself I would love to share some of the wonderful benefits of these lamps.  Over the past few years I have had several clients asking about them so I figured I should just write a post to share with all of you. The lamp is a natural and inexpensive filter that will reduce pollution and positive ions in your home or office.
Living in a world of constant technology and devices ranging from our cell phone, Ipad, computer, TV etc. there is always an electronic device nearby. These devices are actually pretty harmful to you aside from the effects many of us know that they have on our eyes and minds.  The ions given off by these devices are hazardous to our health and have been proven to be linked to depression and fatigue.  . 
This is where the salt lap comes in.  These lamps take the ions given off by the technology that surrounds us and replaces it with good ones. 
These lamps purify the air we breathe in.  There is a process known as hygroscopy. This is a process that occurs where the lamp is heated and moisture is absorbed into the salt of the lamp.  Dust particles, pollen and cigarette smoke are also absorbed.  The water that was absorbed will evaporate and the pollutants are trapped into the salt resulting in cleaner air. 
These lamps also improve lung capacity.  When you breathe the air that is omitted by the lamp full of negative ions created by the lamp we are providing our lungs with healthy clean air. 
Himalayan salt lamps also can improve your sleep.  Sleeping in a room full of positive technology we are sleeping in the middle of unhealthy positive ions and depleting our brain of the oxygen that is needed, resulting in a disrupted sleep pattern. 
You can buy a salt lamp in many different forms.  They can range from a basket full of salt crystals to a solid piece of salt and even a votive.