Using Hypnotherapy to Cope with Grief

Grieving is a natural emotional response to loss of a loved one.  The loss of a loved one is inevitable making it at the same time unavoidable.  When we grieve we go through several stages leading us to the healing process.  During the healing process we are moved to begin to move forward with our live and often times we take on a deeper appreciation for the gift of life making us  more aware and compassionate for others as well as their fragility. 

We often do not enter a state of grief willingly.  It is often brought on by a traumatic loss of a loved one and often times healing and moving on can seem impossible and overwhelming.  I once read someone say that the one thing she learned about grief is through her experience with the loss of a child is that her experience with the whole situation was how she chose to respond to her thoughts and not what the actual truth is. One of the keys to her relieving her grief had a great deal to do with how she viewed death.  Your own beliefs have so much power over your situation.  Your beliefs can either be destructive or empowering, it’s up to you.  Our beliefs can really put us through our own personal hell during the grieving process if we choose to let them.  When it comes to grieving you can believe death is “final” or that it is a re-birth. 
Our beliefs are made up of our past experiences, this is where hypnotherapy can come in and help.  During a hypnotherapy session our deep down subconscious mind is accessed bringing the reason for these beliefs to the surface.  This will then allow you to shift a bit in your thinking slowly and begin to move towards peace.    Though living our lives after the death of a loved one is a daily struggle, using practices such as hypnotherapy, reading, and talking with others can help you to form more positive thoughts about death in general and move through the grieving process towards living in grace instead of grief. 

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