Hypnotherapy for Expectant Mothers

Often times when people hear the word hypnosis people often think of people on a stage in Vegas being hypnotized by a pocket watch and tricked into doing strange or comical actions.  This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth.  The truth is there are so many benefits of hypnosis that you probably haven’t even thought of including many benefits for expecting mothers.  Hypnosis can help with everything ranging from morning sickness to the delivery room.  Though hypnosis is an all-natural method of dealing with several pregnancy related issues please consult your physician if there are any medical complications to be on the safe side.

Hypnosis can help with a wide range of issues including the following

  • Shorter labor and quicker recovery

  • It can help a woman sleep better and deeper

  • It can lower blood pressure

  • It can help keep the mom to be in a more positive state of mind and also avoid postpartum depression

  • It can help alleviate heartburn, nausea and morning

(The above list was taken from the Natural Family Today Blog)

When first exploring hypnosis for pregnancy it is recommended to use it in the afternoon/evening when physical issues are less prevalent allowing the patient to be more focused..

Some techniques can be done by a certified clinical hypnotherapist and similar self-hypnosis techniques can be used alone by the patient. In a typical hypnosis session with an expectant mother the therapist will begin to make calming suggestions to the women to get her in a fully relaxed state.  These statements may include phrases such as “You are calm, your baby is calm” or “As you feel your head clear, you feel that you can eat what is nourishing and your stomach feels calm” (when working with nausea)

The therapist will combine these statements with gentle touching to create an association.  Therefore, when not hypnotized she will be able to trigger these suggestions with a simple touch.  

It is completely normal to be apprehensive when trying hypnosis but it is important to know that a mother under hypnosis may disengage whenever they wish.  

Hypnosis works so well due to the fact that the conscious mind acts as a gatekeeper to the subconscious mind.  While hypnotized the conscious mind goes inactive and we are able to get into the subconscious.  The subconscious mind is what allows a deeper access to the place in our mind  that  reactions to stress, pain and emotions.

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