4 Steps to a Present and Mindful You

Often times we thing taking care of ourselves is selfish. In fact it is just the opposite.  Taking care of yourself is not only good for YOU but also makes you more available mentally and emotionally for those around you.  We often over-schedule ourselves and say YES to every opportunity around us causing stress and not allowing the time for the proper self care.  It is very important that when we do schedule this time and indulge in a little self-care that we are present in the moment as well.  Often times we are distracted by our phone, other people around us, thinking about what we believe we should be doing and mentally we are not even present during our “self” care moments making it not very beneficial. 
This is where mindfulness comes in.
Being mindful is noticing those thoughts, acknowledging their presence and letting them go.  By shifting your mindset you will get the most out of your self-care practice, whatever it may be.  This will in turn boost your mood, relieve stress, and give you that fresh start that you originally felt you needed.

In this world of social media we are often not mentally present when spending time with loved ones.  We are too busy worrying about the snapping a picture perfect moment to share with the world rather than enjoying the moment that is perfect just the way it is.  I am not saying stay off your phone and social media is bad however being mindful of where your attention is, is important to being in the moment. 

2. Dive into a good book with both feet.
Often times when I read I will get to the bottom of the page and not know what I just read or wonder how I got to the bottom of the page so fast.  We are reading words but not hearing them (does that make sense)? We have all these thoughts racing around our minds that we are often thinking about something totally unrelated and not actually enjoying the pleasure of taking in the words on the page.   Find a quiet space, turn down your phone and immerse yourself in the book. Thoughts may want to creep back in however, STAY FOCUSED.

3. Let Nature Fuel Your Mind
Have you ever been working on something and just can’t seem to get past a mind block? No matter what you try your creativity is just stuck or you just can’t solve the problem at hand? Take a moment to step away and enjoy the outdoors.  Take in every bit of your surroundings by getting out in nature, listen to the birds, enjoy the natural beauty around you we often take for granted.  Then, return to the task at hand and with a refreshed mind let your creativity and problem solving flow.
4. Journal
Sometimes we just have to get something off our mind simply by putting it down on paper.  Make journaling a daily practice and let it be a place to lay your worries and cast your burdens.  It will feel much better to just get those thoughts out of your mind and have a safe place to keep them.  Simply releasing your mind will of these negative worries allows more room for positive thoughts and peace.

What do you do to be more in the moment? Have you noticed times in your own life with your children that you could be more present? Comment below and let me know what helps you be more mindful and present!