5 Extremely Easy ways to manifest what you want in your life

The common complaint I hear in my practice is how people compare to others, wanting to be skinny “as my cousin” or “with a handsome boyfriend as my BFF”… and those feelings keep us up at night, worried during the day stressing us out and even creating anxious feeling as we low our self-esteem; however we don’t stop for a moment to think that manifesting what we want is a process that needs to be planned in order to be achieved.


Let me explain, we have the tendency to focus our energy and thoughts worrying about our “lack of…” rather than the “abundance I deserve”, below are 5 steps you can follow to start getting what you deserve:


1. Determine your goal: For you to obtain what you want, STOP worrying about what you don’t want or you don’t have, change your mindset and get clear on your goals, write them down and journal bout them


2. Take action: When you know your goals give them a deadline, based on that deadline create small monthly, weekly and daily tasks to track your progress and feel accomplished and motivated, avoid procrastinating, you are accountable of your own success and happiness


3. Visualize your Goal: Take a moment in the morning and afternoon to visualize your outcome, imagine that you achieved your goal in detail, with lots of images, feelings, sensations and avoid to think negative about it, when you notice those worry thoughts coming to your mind, wash them away with the positive and happy ones


4. Release the outcome to the Universe and trust: the Universe is abundant and has what you want, let go of any fear and trust


5. Be grateful: Every day be thankful for your achievements towards that goal, you will feel that fulfilling sensation and your path will be more lighted and clear than ever!


Enjoy your journey, pave the road for the ones coming after you and make the best of yourself every day!


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