7 tools to cope with stress

When you are stressed or anxious your body can trigger a fight or flight response; but no worries, here are seven tools you can use to minimize your stress and start a change in your life!

1. Always listen to your body
Your body always communicates with you, the trick is to learn to listen to it, what is your body really telling or asking you?
Stop for a moment, become present and mindful, allow your eyes to close and start breathing through your nose, when you inhale fill your belly, chest and upper chest holding for a moment and then exhale thought your nose; after few breaths, scan your body observe and listen for your needs, become present and enjoy!

2. Be loving and compassionate with yourself
Now that you know what is missing, give yourself some love, think what is needed to improve that part of your body and act upon it, self indulge and you will improve your quality of life!

3. Exercise to increase your energy flow
When you exercise and allow your energy to flow, you become more active and your body becomes stress free. Just walk, jump while you listen to your favorite tune and scream, jog, and simply have fun all the time.

4. Visit your hypnotherapist
Do something exciting! Visit your hypnotherapist to find the root cause of your anxiety; it may be fun to explore many forgotten memories in your life while you heal and enjoy the ride.

5. Eat healthy
If you saw the movie Ratatouille you may remember the Remy (the rat) appreciating food in every stage and every way; do the same, cook healthy, eat healthy and enjoy every step of each process, be happy and grateful when you eat and appreciate every bite you take.

6. Allow some time of your day to relax and recuperate
Nowadays we are so bombarded with publicity about performance, beauty and so many other pressures plus the ones you have at work and at home.
Stop for a moment and evaluate yourself about your lifestyle, are you sleeping well? Are you rushing all the time? Where is all your energy going? Begin a regular meditation practice and breathing exercises, become more present, more grounded into the moment, listen to self hypnosis audios to allow you to relax more and feel better in general.

7. Contemplate nature
Take some time of your day to admire nature’s beauty, gaze through the window and see the green around you, flowers, plants, trees, the lovely sky and the smiling people around you; everything is alive and you are part of it!
Allow you to enjoy and be part of the universe.